Administrator Careers

Administrator Careers

At SFUSD, we believe that leadership and accountability are the keys to our success. The Human Resources Department is committed to recruiting and selecting highly qualified, dynamic administrators. Our goal is to discover the next generation of transformative school leaders to create a supportive learning environment where all students graduate with the skills and confidence to achieve their goals in college, a career, and life.

Administrator positions include Principals, Assistant Principals, and other Central Office positions that require an Administrative credential (i.e. Directors, Program Administrators, Supervisors, etc.). We will review all applications carefully and contact you if your skills and experience are a match for the position.


Current SFUSD Administrator Looking to Transfer?

If you are a current SFUSD administrator and you are thinking about transferring to a different school site or central office position, please make sure you are creating an Internal application through the internal career page.

For more information about the transfer process or our administrator hiring process, please  email


Credential Information


Contact for General Information

For more information about administrator positions with SFUSD or our administrator hiring process, please email

If you would like to notify us that your official application is on the way or if you are not yet ready to apply but will be interested in the future, please feel free to fill out our short questionnaire through the following link: SFUSD Administrator Candidate Short Questionnaire.


Contact for Credential Information

For more information about credentials, please visit the Commission on Teacher Credentialing web page. 

If you have any other questions about credentials and would like to email one of our credential analysts, please email

Administrator - Frequently Asked Questions 

Administrator frequently asked questions are available here.

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  3. I have questions about benefits. Who can I contact? 
  4. I have questions about salary. Who can I contact? 
  5. How do I apply to become an SFUSD administrator?