Certificated - Frequently Asked Questions

I want to teach at SFUSD. What are the requirements? 

To teach at SFUSD, you must possess or be willing to pursue a valid teaching credential obtained through an accredited teacher preparation program. For more information about requirements for specific credentials, visit the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing or the SFUSD Credentials website.

May I send in a paper application, attachments or references? 

No. Please submit all application materials through our online application.

What is the English Learner Authorization (or CLAD)? Do I need one? And how do I get one? 

All teachers in SFUSD must possess or be willing to obtain an English Learner Authorization (formerly CLAD) or a comparable authorization for teaching English Learners. If you recently completed a teacher preparation program within California, the English Learner Authorization may be embedded within your credential. If you do not have an English Learner authorization, you may earn one through coursework (list of approved programs) or via CTEL examination. You may be considered eligible for hire with SFUSD if your English Learner Authorization is still in progress; however, if you are hired, you will be required to obtain the English Learner Authorization within your first year of teaching with the district.

Does SFUSD sponsor emergency permits? 

Yes. If you are selected for hire at one of our sites, and you do not yet hold a credential, our Credentials Team will work with you to apply for necessary permit(s).

How do I transfer a credential from out of state? 

All out-of-state-credentialed teachers are required to apply for a California credential and are required to obtain the appropriate authorization for teaching English Learners. Individuals who have completed a teacher preparation program outside of California should visit the “Out of State Applicants” section of the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing website for information on transferring a credential to California.

How do I become eligible to teach in bilingual classrooms? 

Bilingual teachers must have a valid credential and a Bilingual Authorization (formerly BCLAD) in the language in which they will be teaching. If you have a valid teaching credential with English Learner Authorization (CLAD), you can obtain authorization to teach in a bilingual classroom by passing sections III, IV and V of the CSET Languages Other Than English (LOTE) test. Find out more at California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET).

What do I do after I have submitted an application for employment? 

After your application is submitted, the Human Capital Team will review it and you will receive an email notifying you of your status. (Please be sure the email address on your application is valid, and that you have elected to receive emails from the system.) If your application has passed initial screening it will become visible to administrators. Please allow 1-2 weeks for your application to go through our screening process. Note that we accept applications on a rolling basis.

After submitting my application, I received an email stating that I am eligible for hire, but I have not received phone calls from administrators. What should I do now? 

Administrators review eligible applicants who have applied to the specific positions available at their sites. Be sure to attach your application to specific job openings that interest you by logging in to your application and going to the “Jobs” tab. Principals screen applications carefully to select for interview those candidates who they think will be the best fit for the position. You should continue to apply for new jobs as they are posted and be sure to update your application and resume to reflect any changes to your contact information, employment history or credentials.

I’ve accepted a position at a school. What do I do now? 

Once you accept an offer at a school site, a Human Capital Team member will contact you to schedule an appointment to complete your onboarding. You may want to begin gathering required materials:

  • Recent (last 60 days) TB Risk Assessment or negative TB test result
  • Photo ID
  • Social Security card
  • Official post-BA transcripts (for salary purposes)
  • Official BA transcripts (if you do not hold a California credential and will be applying for a permit) 

How do I schedule a fingerprinting appointment? 

All new hires must be fingerprinted at the district office. Please follow this link to make a fingerprinting appointment. We ask that new hires do not schedule a fingerprint appointment until they have received an onboarding invitation from Human Resources.

I have questions about salary and benefits. Who can I contact? 

For questions about benefits it may be helpful to review our Benefits Election Guide. You may also contact the Benefits Team by submitting an inquiry/help ticket at eis.sfusd.edu, or come to their drop-in hours at 555 Franklin Street, Monday through Thursday from 1 to 4:30.

I have questions about salary. Who can I contact?

For questions about salary, it may be helpful to visit the salary and benefits page of the SFUSD website, or the Salary FAQs here. You may also submit an inquiry/help ticket at eis.sfusd.edu.