FAQs - Paraeducators

What types of positions does the Paraeducator Office hire for? 

The SFUSD Human Resources Paraeducator Office is responsible for hiring highly qualified Instructional Aides, Special Education and Child Development Instructional Aide Substitutes, Security Aides, Community Relations Specialists, Parent Liaisons and Noon Monitors to support SFUSD schools and students through the process of recruitment and selection.  Our commitment to employees and candidates is to provide employment services and information including classification, compensation, benefits and leaves. 

You will find job descriptions for each of our paraprofessional positions here. These descriptions include knowledge, skills and abilities required, as well as examples of duties for each.

May I send in a paper application, attachments or references? 

No. Please submit all application materials through our online application.

What are the requirements to become a Paraeducator with SFUSD? 

  • The minimum requirements for all paraeducator positions, include the following: 
    • Fingerprint check (scheduled by Human Resources).  A photo ID and $49.00 money order payable to SFUSD. Fingerprint clearance is mandatory prior to working.
    • Current negative TB test (within 60 days)
    • Photo ID
    • Social Security card (original must be presented)
  • Additional documents required for specific paraeducator positions are detailed below:
    • K-12 Instructional Aide/Substitute Positions require ONE of the following:
      • An AA degree or higher or
      • Official transcripts reflecting 48 college units and a high school diploma/equivalent or
      • Completion of CBEST and a high school diploma/equivalent or
      • Completion of Instructional Aide Exam and a high school diploma/equivalent
    • Child Development Program Instructional Aides/Substitutes require:
      • High school diploma/equivalent
      • Completion of 6 Semester Units of Early Childhood Education
      • Medical Exam
    • Security Aide positions require:
      • High school diploma/equivalent

Will I be eligible for benefits as a Paraeducator?

Paraeducators receive opportunities to enroll in free healthcare and dental coverage, as well as paid professional development opportunities. For specific questions, you may also contact the Benefits Team at benefits@sfusd.edu, or come to their drop-in hours at 555 Franklin Street, Monday through Thursday from 12:00 to 4:30.